Would you rather buy your own house, or let your parents pay for your house?

United States
September 17, 2009 4:35pm CST
How many of you actually need your parents help to pay for the house? Or maybe your parents voluntarily pay for the down payment, and you would handle the rest of the installment payments monthly? I want to get my own house, and my parents once talk to me, if I need any financial help, they would more than glad to help me out. I refuse the offer, because I rather use my own money to pay for it. From my own calculation, there won't be enough money from my saving to afford a brand new house. So, I rather keep on saving, and wait for the perfect opportunity to get my own.
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• Kenya
9 Nov 09
I always feel like my parents have done enough for me already and I always wish to be completely independent and be able to do things for myself so yes I like you would rather wait till I have my own house but in some instances we have to swallow our "pride"
• Indonesia
28 Sep 09
Well, honestly we haven't yet owned our house due to financial issue. We have savings anyway and hopefully if everything goes well, we can buy our own house by the end of next year. My parents aren't rich, but even if they are, I'd refuse to take their financial help. I am now married, so I have my own responsibilities, and that include to buy house with my own money.
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
18 Sep 09
I have our own house..but in that time we are in another city..and our house are located in another city..so un that time in which city..we lived...that is not our own house....it is on rent..and my parent's paid rent for that house..