Why Do People Have So Much Rage Nowdays?

United States
September 17, 2009 9:38pm CST
As I read through the discussions here on MyLot, one things jumps out at me above all the rest. That is the rage that seems to be seething just under the surface in so many of us. Many of the responses on how to deal with other peoples behaviors seem to consistently go to yelling at them, slapping them, hitting them, shoving certain items in certain orifices, and so on, and so on. Very rarely does anyone suggest using logic or reason with the offending party. Does anyone else notice this or have an opinion as to the root cause of our inability to handle situations with civility?
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@jenysie (106)
• United States
18 Sep 09
I think alot of the issue is patience not a lot of people have them anymore..we are all in a hurry to do this or that, and the quickest way to solve a problem without a lot of thinking is violence...It's also the only way you don't have to actually sit down and figure out a problem, talk about it...you know that all boils right down to patience because it would take time to actually solve the issue...violence doesn't solve anything! :)
• United States
18 Sep 09
jenysie, you make a good point. A lot of it is really a lack of patience. And, as you point out, it's because we are all in a hurry because things are so hectic. So perhaps the problem with society is that we need to simplify our lives. Perhaps we need to disengage ourselves from the things that are not really that important to us.
@peace001 (727)
• China
18 Sep 09
maybe the worst economic crisis and the pression of the human beings are the best answers in my opinion.more and more person become egoist and just concern the things for the sake of himself.most of person do the things on the procedure but lacking the feelings.lots of the person don't know how to communicate with others face to face.
@satan88 (586)
• United States Minor Outlying Islands
18 Sep 09
i'm never an overtly violent guy. i like to settle arguments with words not violence. Violence begets more violence the cycle never ends so i prefer just doing nothing or using my words.