Real Housewives of Atlanta

@hagirl (1296)
United States
September 17, 2009 10:03pm CST
I was just watching the real housewives of Atlanta. I have never watched it before but have seen the girls on The Tyra Banks Show. I am white,but when I worked in Lexington as a CNA my best friend was black. She was the greatest and the funniest person you could ever hang with. Now back to the program. This is about (don't know how many)housewives of Atlanta Georga I assume. I believe Kim is the only white girl in the bunch (may be wrong) anyway. She falls and skins up legs, breaks shoe, and sprains ankle. These black girls are calling her drama queen and saying girl she had a scraped knee just dust yourself off and go on. I think that is funny. Like I said i am white and I would have dusted myself off and went on. I just think black girls are real and white girls do have drama issues. I used to work at a CNA agency and those black girls had my back. Those white girls would try to get you fired or steal your shifts. Why is that? I can get along with anyone. Not to mention my other best friend in Lexington was a guy who liked guys. I love everyone. I hope no one takes this discussion the wrong way, but I just thought that this episode was funny. Has anyone ever watched this? What do you think of the program?
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