What are your absolute most favorite animes?

September 18, 2009 12:15am CST
I'm a huge fan of anime. And i've been watching anime since I was 14. I mainly watched animes that were fighting based like dragonball z and yuyu hakusho (ghost fighters). Then I started watching more complex animes including Avatar the air bender. My absolute favorite Death note. Right now my top 5 animes have to be- 1.Death Note (nothing else comes close to this) 2.Bleach (Im up to date with the manga too) 3.Avatar The Last Air Bender (Not an anime but a very deep cartoon) 4.Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (both the manga and anime) 5.Dragon ball kai- Now with less charging & screaming time! ( you should know what I meant if you were a dbz fan) So my question to you is what are some of your favorite mangas/anime shows? Give me a list of your top 5 if possible too.
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• Bulgaria
18 Sep 09
You should try Naruto and ShamaOh and Soul eater :D They are fun to waste time with :)
• Bulgaria
18 Sep 09
shaman king (must have misspelled o_O I wonder how i did that so badly tho xD )
@Juli_angel (1063)
• Israel
18 Sep 09
lucy - Lucy from Elfen Lied
ok, so- definitely Bleach, Avatar (if you consider it to be an anime), Naruto, and my all time favorite- Elfen Lied^^ I know I'm forgetting something.. oh, and Vampire Knight, of course. at the moment, these are all the animes I have time for.
@Joniel20 (195)
• Philippines
18 Sep 09
naruto try watching it maybe you'll like it..,, :) I also watch dragon ball z,Ghost fighter,hunterxhunter,ben10
• Indonesia
18 Sep 09
my favorite is... ^^ 1. Naruto 2. Naruto 3. naruto 4. naruto 5. naruto You should try to watch Naruto.. is great anime... ^^
@indybaty (373)
• Panama
18 Sep 09
Well, I dont like animes that are too long, unless I have the ENTIRE series and I can take the time to watch the chapters and not depend so much on the network's bidding. Now, for 20 years my country has had wonderful anime shows come along and we have gladly 2 to 3 generations that follow anime shows. So, I would have to split the 5 because of all times, I have plenty of favorites but Ill say it like this:#5 Candy Candy (first anime I saw that I liked when I was a kid) #4 Astroboy (the old version, because it made more sense than the new one) #3 Mazinger, Mazinger Z (first mecha I ever saw that got to my liking) #2 Doraemon (very funny) #1 The Little Prince (short version) Now as an adult it would be:At #5 Ghost in the Shell (it was my first anime that was different from my child hood ones and got to like) #4 Jigoku Shuojo (aka Hell Girl, loved the story line in the sense of morbid justice) #3 Rurouni Kenshin (awesome story and killer characters. #2 GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka.. yeah, it looks old but it aint and I wish teachers were more like that) #1 Cosplay Complex (short, funny, hilarious, and girly.. remind me of old times)