My first day here.....

September 18, 2009 3:17am CST
Hello mylot-ers Today is my first day here....please kindly support me Here, i found out that i can develop my writing and communication skill not to mention my English. And also helping people..i wish About the money of course it also one of the interesting things. I started to make money online by this month, maybe i can be more serious if i get the real benefit from it. Before this i was so busy with my works and else which took almost all of my time but now i have some time to spare. Am i late ? i guess not....
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@akuler (3537)
• Malaysia
18 Sep 09
Hi oedhapost, Welcome to mylot. It is never late to join here since mylot always be here. You are right. We can learn a lot here in mylot especially about the English language for those who are not using it as their primary language in their life. Just like you, I came here to improve my English too and I am happy with my English now even though there is a lot of grammar and spelling error here and there. If you want to earn here, there is a few ways you can do. 1. Posting You can started a new discussion, responding to others discussions and comment on the responses that your discussion and/or others discussion receive. Remember, our earnings here is depend on our own activities. Basically, the more you write (posts) the more you earn but every post must come with quality and length. 2. Tasks There are a few tasks available in the tasks section. Just go there and look for the one you can do. Articles writing tasks is the best earnings prospect here since they pay between $1-$4 for every tasks (you can see how much they pay for the task at the bottom of the task title). 3. Referrals You can earn for someone you bring here. You will earn 25% bonus from your referrals earnings. So, if you have friends and family members who want to join mylot, ask them to be your referrals. Just make sure they are active here. Welcome again and have a pleasant journey here
• Indonesia
18 Sep 09
hi akuler... thanks for your support... yep...i have explore about it and i always read TOS, privacy, FAQ everytime i want to join anything in the internet or i read them after i joined and then leave it abandoned if i do not like it thx;
@KrauseHome (35690)
• United States
21 Sep 09
Welcome to myLot, and hope you enjoy your time here and choose to stay active here as well. Many of us at first came here in the hopes of earning some extra $$ and then end up staying for the wonderful friends we have made, and the many interesting things you can learn and talk about in here as well. For the most part the Best way to earn $$ in here is by starting a New discussion which you have done here, and then in going and responding back to others discussions in here as well. The thing to always remember is quality over quantity and making new friends along the way. Wishing you the Best.
• China
18 Sep 09
Welcome to mylot!I am a new mylotter.I just sign up 7 days.Here we can have a good time.There are so many topics that we are happy here.As making money,not pay much attention to it.Just enjoy your life here and you will get some money.
@LdeL0318 (6435)
• Philippines
18 Sep 09
Welcome to myLot! I hope you enjoy your stay here. There's a lot more to discover. It's really fun to be here. Happy myLotting!