whats the stupidest thing you have done?

United States
September 18, 2009 3:36am CST
I am a very absent minded person. So a lot of times if i am deeply thinking about something i miss the things going around me and end up doing something very silly. Once during a practical exam of my physics class one of my friends was crying terribly coz she had misplaced her journel just before the viva and so i was wondering where she could have possibly kept it and what will happen now...and i simply missed the teacher asking me a question and was just able to hear a few words of the question...The teacher had asked me a definition and i dont know what i had been thinking then that i suddenly started spelling the word. I was still looking at my friend crying, unaware of what i was doing and then she looked at me and started laughing and i looked at the teacher wondering what made her laugh. He asked me to carry on and again i started spelling the word instead of the definition and it was then i realized what i had been actually doing. I was so embarrassed by what i had just done...All my classmates and even the teacher was laughing...I too laughed at my own stupidity. Have u ever been caught doing something so stupid???
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18 Sep 09
Oh yes,while doing our Statistics exam, my seatmate happened to glance on my paper and we were sort of whispering/comparing answers. Our teacher caught us and we were both called to his office. We were on the point of cheating but he caught us just in time. We were really embarrassed and apologized profusely. Luckily, he gave us a warning. Since then, I make it a point to just look at my exam paper and not even glance at others. That experience really scared me.