Can bijuu (Jinchuruki) be killed?

September 18, 2009 4:39am CST
We know that there 9 bijuu in naruto story.. and inside naruto there's kyuubi... Can they be killed? because I saw orochimaru snakes and Naruto frog (when he fight pain) can be killed and died.. or they an eternal creature? where they came from?
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• Philippines
18 Sep 09
did you see how tobi and deidara defeated the three tails? its just like that, but only the powerful ones can do it. also,if a bijuu cant be killed then those kind living things will be marked as immortals. it is also imbalanced if that kind of creature wont die or be injured. that's kind of possible that the bijuu can be killed ^^
• Indonesia
19 Sep 09
but all bijuu still alive right? so nobody can killed it yet.. Or maybe only can be sealed.. not killed..