How to stop smoking?

@biman_s (1061)
September 18, 2009 9:43am CST
My best friend is a chain smoker. He is just 21 now. He has been smoking for the past 4 years. How I convince him to stop smoking? Please help me. I don't want him to waste his life like this.
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• Philippines
18 Sep 09
go at hospitals or laboratories and find some lungs that are damaged due to smoking. let him see that it will happen to his lungs if he did not stop on smoking. hehe.
@calai618 (1781)
• Philippines
18 Sep 09
I don't smoke and I am also concerned about my friends and family members who can't stop smoking. I don't think there is really a single effective way of getting them out of the habit because if there is, then maybe there are lesser people smoking right now.I also think that no matter how much you talk them out of smoking, they still wouldn't unless they find it in themselves to want to quit it as well. The best thing we could do, we who care for them, is to just constantly tell them about the negative effects smoking has not just to them but to every one. Making them feel guilty might help also so let's tell them that we don't wanna lose them early in this world so if they love us and care for us, they would choose being healthy to not hurt us. i know it kinda sounds cheesy already but I am really running out of ways to convert smokers into ex-smokers and I am not stopping anytime soon. I love my friends and family so much so I am gonna continue finding ways to save them. i just hope they would really find the courage to change because all the efforts we exert for them are nothing if they themselves do not want to change for the better.