September 18, 2009 1:09pm CST
Hello...i was just thinking of how proverbs mean so much in everyday life. Can you recall any proverb and mention the same.
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@Q_Savvy (131)
• India
19 Sep 09
Hey there Sheetal, I certainly agree that most of the Proverbs do relate to our lives in one way or the other. A common example might be "A stitch in time saves nine". The message carried by this proverb is about doing one's work at the right time and not postponing it by stalling or procrastinating since this eventually leads to a lot of work being piled up in the end. Of course, this'll create a lot of problems. On the other hand, if the appropriate action is carried out at the right time, the person might have a lot of left-over time which they can either choose to relax in, or for more productive work! Well I suppose there's my example :)
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@marlina (81960)
• Canada
10 Mar
Honesty is the best policy : It will always save a person from very unpleasant problems.