Gospel Music- should it have a celebrated month too?

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September 18, 2009 1:27pm CST
So I was listening and watching the news yesterday and heard about some of the "blacks" o the senate and house getting together in D.C. to celebrate gospel music month. So here is my question. We celebrate, black history month, hispanic herritage month, and many others. Do you think we should celebrate gospel music in giving it the whole month for celebration? this is the reason I talk about this because for many years there has been a seperation of religion and state. if they promote a month what is that saying. The president it doesn't matter which presidet it is says God bless America at the end of every speech. He talked about God and prayer on 9-11. So should we allow for the politicians to continue with this promotion of the music considering most of there positions about church versus state. I'm all for them celebrating music and gospel music should have it's own celebration for the fact that it was created so many years ago. i just wonder how many will justify so that is why I ask the question should it be celebrated and broadcasted by politicians that they celebrate it and would it become an issue incertain situations. i know it's probably a couple of different discussions but I just wanted to throw out there what I was thinking.
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18 Sep 09
I think that's a ridiculous idea. Christians often forget that they are not the only religion on the planet. Why not celebrate satanic music while you're at it? You could argue that their way is wrong, but they would say the same about Christianity. And then why shouldn't they have their own month as well? With religion there is no absolute "right," there is only what is right for YOU specifically. There is already a "Music Week," which is meant to give recognition to all styles of music, why single one genre out?