Weightloss with Hypothyroidism ~ What has worked for me so far!

United States
September 18, 2009 3:19pm CST
I have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which means my thryoid doesn't make enough hormone. For those of you have have this frustrating disease, I'm sure it makes it damn near impossible for you to lose weight. Well, I'll be happy to let you know that I went from 183 lbs to 172 lbs in 5 weeks!I'm still dropping pounds too! Let it be known that I am on thryoid medication, but it's a very very low dosage, meaning it kicks in really slowly. I am on a diet and I exercise and I also take natural vitamins. Basically, what I do is I eat some fiber and grains(not too much though) and avoid sugars, soy, and stratches at all costs. I take in fruits and veggies that cleanse my body and help my metabolism: Grapefruit, oranges, blueberries, tomatoes, brocolli, raspberries, squash, cabbage, and apples. Sometimes I eat 1 banana a day because it has potassium. Thyroid medication can case heart palpations and rapid heart beat. Potassium can help lower a rapid heart beat. I eat 2-3 small salads with vinegar and a some fruit per day, and I drink a natural protien shake only once per day. Protien is very important so make sure you get enough of it. I also make sure I drink plenty of water. Water can actually help curb your appetite and keep your body balanced. Last but NOT LEAST,I exercise! I do it twice a day for 30 minutes or more each time. I also take a multi-vitamin (Women's Multi-Vitamins from GNC)to give my body whatever it's missing. Vitamins that have L-Tyrosine, Iodine(Kelp), and Selenium are also great and benefical for the thyroid. The doctors say I am making great progress and that I should keep it up. If your reading this, this may or may not work for you since everyone is different, but if I can take my thyroid problem by the throat, so can you. Sorry for errors and misspelled words in here, please tell me what you think or share your thyroid breakthroughs here!
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