Abolishing The Fed

@gewcew23 (8011)
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September 18, 2009 5:53pm CST
One of Congressman Ron Paul's favorite issues is abolishing the Federal Reserve, but that is not the Fed I speak of, the Fed I speak of is the Federal government. Here is my case, the Federal government was created by the first 13 state through the Constitution. The Constitution granted this newly formed Federal government, as James Madison put it "Few and well defined power". Yet the current federal government has decided that it's power are many and absolute. Take for instance the interstate commerce clause, when wrote by James Madison this clause was designed to prevent one state from barring another states products from coming into it's boarder. Now the interstate commerce clause is interpreted to give the federal government power to regulate anything they want to because something and or anything you use might have come from another state. Since the Constitution through the States formed the Federal government, once the Federal government ceases to obey the Constitution the Federal Government should cease to exist. What should happen is every state should become once again an individual nation like they were originally, and if they so choose these individual new nations could confederate with neighboring state, form a new federal government, or stay as an independent nation. Each state would use it's own Constitution and government. If individuals did not like current affairs of their new nation they could migrate to another state where the affairs are more to their liking.
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@Destiny007 (5820)
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19 Sep 09
A lot of problems would be solved if this were to occur. The Federal Government is supposed to be a representative of all of the states, not a dictator to them. Lock and load...
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