Do we need to confine our meal for health?

September 18, 2009 9:27pm CST
Hello mylotters!Keeping healthy need several conditions like food,water,exercise,mood and so on.To keep yourself healthy what are doing now?or just leave it alone.Some people choose what food to eat for health.they abandon some of their favourite food.but they also lose pleasure of enjoying food.being happy do good for our health.So I want to know,Do we need to confine our meal for health?
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• China
19 Sep 09
yes,i think we should confine meal for health. there are many kinds f food that taste well but is not good for our health,like fast food, i do not like to eat the fast food, i prefer to cook at home even i am not a good cooker. then we should eat food at right time,like breakfast,it's better to have reakfast beteen 7:00-9:00 AM, and try not eat icecream 3 hours before go to bed,the icecream is hard to be digested to it cause fat.
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@Masssko (239)
• Estonia
19 Sep 09
As long as I feel alright, I try not to confine myself in anything. If I feel like eating a chocolate cake this weekend, which must contain a thousands calories or something, I'd rather go for it. But at the same time I will try to compensate this by more workout the week after. I'm not the supporter of any limitations, but the balance is essential for me. Jolly myLotting!
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• Australia
19 Sep 09
No, I don't think we need to confine our meal for health. For myself I don't abandon my favouite food. That's true, everyone wants to have a healty body and it is not good that many women do that they trying to forget their favourite food because of loosing weight. However, the best way to loose weight and keep healthy is doing exercises instead of stoping eat your favourite food or refusing to eat. People can be healty from doing the following little things: 1. Do not eat too much at each meal. For breakfast, eat 90% full and the food should be as much nutrient as possible. Such as, eggs, milk, bread with meat and so on. 2. Do not have a nap straight away after finishing lunch. At least wait for half an hour if you are going to have a nap. 3. Eat 50% full for your dinner with the meal and eat fruits with the other 50%. Do not forget to walk after dinner. 3. Do not eat after 9:00pm. 4. Going to the gym or swimming pool at least tiwce a week. 5. Trying to get up early and not stay up late at night. The least sleeping hours at night for an adult is at least 8 hours and for a child is at least 9 hours.
@marguicha (86123)
• Chile
19 Sep 09
I trust my body knows what it needs. And I help, of course, knowing what a well balanced meal is. Whatever we do in excess is bad for our health. Besides that, I eat everything that I want to. I don´t like fast food because I know how to cook and my mother always cooked marvelous things. So I can eat at home as if I were in a good restaurant, but without much expense. For me the healthiest food is the one that makes us happy. That means I like to make food that also looks nice. Eating should be a joy. Joy is healthy and it helps our inmune system take care of us. I´m 64 years old and I eat just about everything. The only thing I have problems with are dry beans (so I use fresh ones and I freeze them). My friends love my cooking and I often have guests. They, in turn, invite me out to good restaurants that I couln´t pay myself. I´ll post a picture of one of the dishes I made for a party at home. It´s salmon (we have it in my country and also export it). It will show how I deal with beauty in food Happy posting.
@prinzcy (5065)
• Malaysia
20 Sep 09
If there's a circumstances that forbid us from eating certain food due to health problem, then we must confine our meal for that. Apart from that, I don't see the point of confining it. I was sick once and during that period I realized, I shouldn't waste my short life worrying myself over things. Meals are one of them. I'll eat what I can eat. I am not confining any meal.