xmas shopping

@doormouse (4619)
September 19, 2009 6:41pm CST
has anyone started theirs yet,i haven't,,i used to get all mine done by november but over the years i've become very lazy,i now don't finish mine til mid december,,where as my dad used to do all his on xmas eve,now his shopping is done by start of december
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• Philippines
2 Oct 09
every week as we do our grocery shopping, my daughter and i sometimes proceed to the other sections of the department store. i always check what new things they have and just appreciate beautiful items they display there. it is also towards this time that their new stocks arrive and i feel it wise to check if some of them catch my interest and liking. i am now starting buy a few items for the christmas season on our weekly trips to the department store. by the time christmas arrives, i shall have finished doing the shopping for gifts to relatives and friends.
2 Oct 09
I am more like your dad, i am rushing around on Xmas eve, like a lunatic, trying to get it all done. Every year, i promise myself, i will do it sooner, but i never do! Christmas day is always organised though, with everything we need, so that is the main thing.
• Philippines
22 Sep 09
Little by little I have been listing gifts for friends and family. I also bought a couple of things when I had the chance to go on midnight sales or bazaars. Thinking what's appropriate for someone can be hard. You really have to know the person before you can give him/her a gift that he/she can appreciate. I suggest you go to this site http://www.gifti.us. It's very helpful.
• United States
20 Sep 09
I thought i was started on Christmas gifts, until birthdays started popping up here and there, and now, i seem to be running a tad bit short on gifts. Ugh. Now, i still have to do some shopping.
@jugsjugs (13045)
19 Sep 09
I hate Christmas shopping as it is not just getting the gifts for people it is all that wrapping up and trying to hide those presents away from the children.I tend to buy bits all year round then at Christmas it dont take a real big chunk of money all at once from my bank.