have you tried making shanghai rolls?

September 19, 2009 10:31pm CST
i love this food. they can be eaten as snacks or they can go with rice. i know how to make shanghai rolls. do you? if you want to have a recipe of this, visit my blog @ http://pinoynapinoy-gray.blogspot.com
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• China
20 Sep 09
You said in Shanghai spring rolls. I will do. Lol Raw recipe: 1 kg flour, 400 grams of lean pork, tender leek sprouts 1.5 kg dried small shrimps 250 grams salt 100 grams of soybean oil, sesame oil (sesame oil), Ling Fen, MSG appropriate. Production Method: 1. System of dough: flour into the basin, the Canadian point of salt, add water, stir while bordered by throwing up to the non-stick hand. And requires a soft thin leather that was grabbed when you want to fall-like. 2. System of filling: pork into strips and put it into a small pot stir-fry 7 mature, cut into segments to be placed in chives, chopped dried small shrimps, and Ling Fen, tune into a thin paste, then fried together, will When cooked put MSG, sesame oil, fried into a thick paste for filling spare. 3. Baked Pastry: The pan burning, oil wipe his right hand grasping the dough in the pan center, after wiping turn picked up in the pot the size of the board to leave sized circular thin-skinned, baked dry, turn over and then branding , and then remove the spare. 4. System batter: Using a small amount of surface water Jiaocheng Health batter for use sticky skin. 5. Forming: The Pastry pave the way, in the middle put filling paste, 2 Diego well, roll into a pillow-shaped, with batter stick to Serve. 6. Fried system: the oil till the 7 to 8 ripe spring rolls at half the pot, deep fry golden fish out, I filtered the oil, you can transfer to a plate food.
• Philippines
20 Sep 09
very nice of you to share your recipe. i also make rolls with sprouts for filling. in the Philippines, we call that lumpia. thanks.