Thinking to much in something sometimes is not very good....

@icesmile (7172)
September 20, 2009 1:38am CST
Are you a thinker, or you take your decisions just in few moments? Do you say usual "what will be, will be" or you say "i will think in this to find a good solution"? I think to much when i must to take a decision, of course a important decision, and sometimes, i lost the train...i mean, after i am decide that i am agree or not, my choice is for nothing, because that problem is already solved or is not actual; Do you think a lot before to take a decision or like to take your decisions very fast and say "what will be will be"?
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@joem26 (17)
• Philippines
20 Sep 09
I also think a lot before making any decisions and I actually want it that way than making decision immediately. I would usually consider a lot of factors first before making the decision especially when its about things important to me like money, job, relationship etc. Before making decisions I usually ask myself " what's in it for me." I should first find a good reason before I agree, accept or pushed through with a decision and it usually takes a lot of thinking. I always want something out of anything, so as much as possible I want to make the right decision to make sure that whatever decision I will make it will always turn towards my favor.
@jugsjugs (13045)
20 Sep 09
Thinking too much is not always a good idea as sometimes it can stress you out twice as much.I do tend to think alot and most of the time it is about money and thinking of all the ways that i can make some extra money.I think about things that are happening around me and all the other family issues.
@mrinali (392)
• India
20 Sep 09
Yes, there are some situations where you just have to act immediately besides thinking and thinking!! I really don't think a lot..I'm quick in making decision.