the never ending story part 2

@fezman (260)
September 20, 2009 5:41am CST
Hi all, i recently posted a comment on the never ending story in parenting. to that i got a couple of responses, (cheers for that) but i would just like to update that disscusion in a different catergory,. 1st, kids these days, do not really like it! they find no interest in it what so ever, they actually try to fall asleep so they dont let your feelings down, by telling you that it was crap! 2nd, when the hell did that happen??? i loved that trilogy, and i was hoping like hell my kids would love it, or at least comment on it in a slightly better way than bad! i swear all these new fandangle movies these days have really taken away those type of inspiring movies, i guess fantasia has well and truely perished by now!!!
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20 Sep 09
Hopefully they have not perished in all families fezman. I applaud you for showing these type movies to your kids. Even if they didn't fuss over it now, the day will come when it will be a fond memory for them. Yes our kids do seem to prefer the bang em up, smash em to bits "fandangle" movies these days rather than the happy ending, fantasy types that I loved but keep showing them to your kids anyway ok. By the way, have you yourself ever seen The Borrowers? I loved that one.