never turn away your back for a friend

September 20, 2009 8:54am CST
in this world, you will meet alot of people but not all of these can be a good friend. many will pull you down or worst will just befriend with you because they need something from you. a good friend is one of the millions so treasure him or her. agree?
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• China
28 Oct 09
Yeah!I agree with you!I think a friend in need is a friend indeed!
@naaz1021 (51)
• India
23 Sep 09
true friends are those who help one another in their needs, share everything, have fun together, and dont forget each other even when they are far apart...yea nowasdays to find a real true friend is very difficult...out of your gang of friends only one or two may be your true friends and others may be friends just for namesake..they may leave us when they feel we are not needed...but true friend wont do such we must befriend such friend who will always be with you any time without any regret