Who are you closer to your mom or your dad?

United States
September 20, 2009 9:25am CST
My dad died when I was really young of a stroke. I never got to know my dad. My mom has been there for me my whole life. My mother is the one that I am the closest to. I have a better relationship with her because of my dad dying. It is hard for her to talk about. She misses her husband so much. She had to raise me and all of my other brothers and sisters. It was hard for her but we pulled through it. I love my mom and would not change her for the world.
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@candaceb87 (1362)
• Canada
21 Sep 09
I am closer to my Dad then I am to my mom. When I was younger I had a very bad relationship with my mother and now that I have moved out and have 4 children of my own it hasn't gotten much better! I try to have a good relationship with her but she doesn't seem to try she has visited twice in the last year and I only live like a 15 minute drive from her!
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
20 Sep 09
Hi Tuckersheri, I love my parents and my family members alot.We have a very close relationship. Although I stay away from my families, we always keep in touch and my parents will call me every 2 weeks. With my siblings, I will share my problem with them. I have 1 eldest sister and 2 eldest brothers. I am the youngest in my family. Although my dad looks fierce, but he is a good father. He provided me everything that I want and give me a good live till I married. My mother is not working, she is a full-time housewife. She is always A GrEAT mom in my heart.I am very close to my mum.Can go shopping and we like to chat together. My mum will always cook nice food for me when I am back to my hometown. Miss my parents alot !!
@rainmark (4306)
20 Sep 09
Hi again there. I should say, I'm closer to my mum specially in emotional aspects. Since child she always give me support and always give what i wanted. I can talk to her about my probem and she protected me. So now it's time to pay her back. I always love her. I do love my dad too. Happy myLoting.
20 Sep 09
My mother is the closest to me. My father was strict and I could not even speak to him the way I do with my mother. It seemed like I would just be scolded. With my mother, it is different. It is easy to talk to her and I could discuss anything. She would always have wise words for me and that's always comforting to me.
@hireshd (492)
• India
20 Sep 09
I am equally close to my mom and dad as whoever I see first and I need to tell I dont wait for only one person whoever comes first in my sights I start telling them of whatever I want to say.