When do you fall asleep at university?

@machai (23)
September 20, 2009 10:26am CST
Hi,my frtends! As we all know when we are in colledge we may have many activities whenever for personal or collective.and in the nigt it will also have so many colorful things,sush as take a party with your friends at a KTV,play a computer games and so on. What are you doing before sleep in your colledge,and what time is before you fall asleep,are you sure you can get up on time tomorrow morning?
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• China
21 Sep 09
We have to fall asleep at 11 every night,as the light turns off at 11 every night and the power also cut at 11.Without power we can't do anything and we have to fall asleep.The time before sleeping is the most active time in dorm.Everyone are busy.Some do something to prepare to go sleep like washing.Some are busy to finish to their video games.And some lie in bed and read some books.
@smokoyboy (159)
• Philippines
21 Sep 09
every time i have a class i sleep early in that night before that class. i just don't sleep early during weekends. that is the time that i relax my mind and go out somewhere hanging with my friends. but during my class in the afternoon at the university i always fall sleep and it is almost everyday. and my teacher always scolded me.
@dadedade (88)
• Romania
20 Sep 09
Hi there! I remember that I fall asleep not once but twice on a boring activity that I didn`t like it.The first tine I fall asleep after 30 minutes and my frend notice my and wake me up,and the twice one when i fall asleep was in the same activity but then the teacher wake me up and it wasn`t very nice
@Archie0 (4669)
20 Sep 09
Hello there :) well you know i always feel sleepy whenever there tax planning lectures back at my school, its not that my classes and the subject is boring but the teacher is just so darn boring.He is old and he just slogs over single thing for 2 hours because we have 1 subject for 2 hours and poor we have to wait for it to get over :((