How many children in your Family?

September 20, 2009 8:39pm CST
Hi Myloters, My family are big and if one of the child in the family didn't die we would have been complete 10 children in the family. We are 9 so far and as I see it it will not go higher as mom cant get pregnant anymore except if dad get another woman pregnant that's the only reason there will be additional. On the early 80's everybody know that everything was hard to get even if things were cheap at that time and my family come from poor family and they didn't really understand what is the consequences with many children so they didn't care and just keep making babies. If I were given a chance to choose how many children in our family I would say I would like just 5. The only reason is maybe if we were less they might be able to attend us better and send us to better school. How about you how many of you in the family? Are you happy with that number or you wish there were less in the family? Can your parents still give you your needs even if you are big family? Thanks myloters and happy myloting
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• China
22 Sep 09
There are four numeber members in my family.I have only one brother,and i am the youngest girl, so they all love me very much, and always give me the best thing. i am very pleased with the family stucture,and i am enjoying the favorite nowsays, xixi.
@cjfoust (614)
• United States
21 Sep 09
There are seven people total in our immediate family, my parents and five children including myself. I am the oldest of the five. I wouldn't know how to act if there were less of us. I remember when I first moved out I had to hardest time adjusting to it just being my husband and I after being raised with so many other people always around. I had to learn to cook for two instead of seven to ten people a night and it was much much quieter! Over the years my parents have had their ups and downs with money. Some years were better than others, but all of us children always understood. Sometimes it was hard, but we stuck together and got through it each time.
@jheLaichie (4439)
• Philippines
21 Sep 09
all in all there is just only three siblings in our family. i am the youngest and the only girl. as far as i know. there was never a time that my parents have not given our needs and even our wants when we have grown up. we are fully nourished and we have a normal life as it is. we finished our studies on time. though our eldest sibling is a bit way off the right track in his life. though he is given all the right guidance and eveerything he needs but still what we can do. that is what he wants. that is the path what he had gone into. even with our help and everything still he made it to that wilderness. but all i can say we did have a good life and though not happy all the time. but its a family worth fighting for. jhelai