why its so had to upload pics in facebook???

Cebu, Philippines
September 21, 2009 2:23am CST
is there any way that we can upload it simultaneously and a lot faster than you have to click one by one? really frustrating and im a bit cranky you know...
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@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
21 Sep 09
Hi Ccarabuena, I also encounter difficulty to upload pictures at Facebook sometimes. Do you notice that once you login and go to your Profile, you choose Photo ,then you can create an album to upload new pictures. Then there will be an applet uploaded,it takes abt 2-3 mins to upload, after it is done, you can simply go to your folder where you keep all your pictures and choose the pictures that you want to be uploaded to your facebook. It takes few minutes to upload all the pictures that you have chosen .The more pictures you choose, the longer it will take. But the good point is that It can upload alot of pictures at one go.instead of you have to upload one by one. Give it a try !!
• Cebu, Philippines
26 Sep 09
Well I tried it awhile ago but it doesn't work for me... Arrggghhhh...i dont know what happened and this I.E 8 also messed up my computer.. are you guys also having problems using the new version? IE 8??
• Indonesia
21 Sep 09
sometime I more frustation use facebook. I already pick up my photo from my dekstop and than upload. Upload process in facebook need more time, so after several second I get message facebook error. I don't know why facebook often error
• Cebu, Philippines
26 Sep 09
yeahh its really frustrating if you get an error after waiting so long to have it uploaded in your profile... sigh! that's why i dont have much pic in that site...
• Singapore
24 Sep 09
Hm... I don't really have that problem. Not that I upload photo to facebook frequently, but I don't recall any displeasure using it. In fact, I am quite happy that the upload timing is extremely fast!
@Archie0 (4668)
21 Sep 09
Well i think everyone has this problem it is just because facebook has a very wide version and lot of mess it really takes too much time not only to upload pic but also to open and to go from home to profile or update anything.I rarly go and check my profile but these days its working faster for me though :)