do you believe that god is the creator of earth?

September 21, 2009 9:11am CST
many scientist believe in evolution. and earth was form by evolution. but now one knows how the earth form and all the things they said are all theory. i believe that there is a creator of earth and he is god. in the old testament state that god created the universe and planets.and know one contradict what the bible says. do you believe that god is the creator of earth? do you agree with me?
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• China
18 Oct 09
Are you a superstitious person?I think only religious people consider the issue.Now science has proved that the earth is generated ,due to the big bang.not you say that god created the freind,I believe science
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• India
21 Sep 09
hi smokoyboy these type of questions are never correctly answered science always wants proof and if there is god definetely he doesn't gonna come to prove in court that yes,he has created this all universe scientist says that humans are the result of continious evolution from some organic compounds to humans ,then i ask who made organic molecules they says they are made up of certain elemants which are made up of atoms which are made up of subatomic particles then i ask who made godamn basic thing and it's interesting answer is we will never know it so,when we couldn't answer it we say god has done it and if there is god then who is the creator of god,who is the creator of creator of god and so on that is why,question can not be correctly answered
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
9 Nov 09
Maybe. On the other hand who says God is a he? God made man in his own image, sure but what was meant by image? Be truthful, if God were anything like most men, that would be disappointing! I think God is another word for greater power. An energy bigger than we know. God is everywhere right? Only energy can be everywhere. God was always there and will be always there. Again "Energy". Man would like to believe they are like God. But sorry, I don't believe this anymore. Who are men to even think they could be like God? No offence, that is the way I have begun to see things. Just my oppion. Take care.
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
22 Sep 09
An unbeliever checks it in the point of view according to the scientific view but there are many balances in life which would not have been possible with God's grace so, there is God and he had made this world to check the fate of the people and want them to worship and remember Him.