A bad day to pick up a check

United States
September 21, 2009 4:09pm CST
A week ago, the state farm,. auto claim representative told me that I could stop by its customer service office to pick the check, all I need to do just bring a title paper with me. It was heavy raining day, and the traffic was really bad due to many areas affected by flood. I was stuck in traffic for over 1 hour, and when I got there, the lady told me that she could give me the check, because she couldn't see the check request from her computer, since the network was down, and the phone system in that office also down. She told me to come back another day. What a joke on me, I have to drive back and forth stuck in crappy traffic for nothing. Have any of you ever experienced a bad day like this before?
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@kykidd (6819)
• United States
21 Sep 09
I think that we have all had days like that. And at one point in my life, I used to use the expression "Some people have one of those days, I have one of those lives." Fortunately, things have gotten better for me since then. I think a lot of it has to do with positive thinking. I just finished reading a book titled "The Magic of Believing" and it really goes along with the way that I think. The man who wrote this book, used to just do seminars and write pamphlets. At that point, there is a story of a business man who was coming to visit him. He had just read his pamphlet, and thought if this is true, then when I get to your office there will be an empty parking spot right in front of the door. As he got close, the street was packed and he was about to blow it off. Just then, he stopped to let some pedestrians cross. After they crossed, a parking spot, right in front of the man's door opened up. So, it is a matter of what you believe, sometimes.
• United States
21 Sep 09
Actually, they couldn't give that check, what can I do then? Nothing, only hope for next time, everything will be doing right, so I don't need to come back and forth all over again. We just wish for the better luck next time.
@KrauseHome (35517)
• United States
22 Sep 09
Many times I think we have to experience things like this in life. It could be to help us appreciate other things going on around us but it could have just been because to help you understand even though you may not see it now, is that things usually end up working out for the Best.