I am already thinking about tomorrow

@jugsjugs (13045)
September 21, 2009 5:32pm CST
I have got plans for tomorrow of the things i am going todo as there are alot of things i have put off for a while that need to be sorted out.I hope when tomorrow comes i will get round to do all the things i want to do.One of them is to come on here in the morning and do all my emails then do a bit of house work then a few phone calls then i must make some cards and that is i hope some of what i am going todo.You watch something mess my plans right up.Have you got plans that you know may never happen?
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• Philippines
23 Sep 09
Yes sometimes when I am not tired I still can think before going to sleep. If I remember something I write it or I just make a reminder using my cellphone and alarm it for me to remember I have to do that , that day. I also have an organizer, if I feel like it to write my task for weekdays I will write it. The sad part is it never done according to schedule. My regular job is the one breaking my schedule. Of course on my regular office jobs my work is my priority, so I will do that first before my personal plan. For my observation the more you write your plans the more it didn’t happen. So it is a challenge for you to make it happen within a day. I do have a list of things to do, but I just do it if the time permits me. It has no days or time schedule, but it must be fulfilled.
@celticeagle (119881)
• Boise, Idaho
22 Sep 09
Yes, and organization sucks! I think the basic part of the day planned is a good thing. Then life can take over and you won't be totally disappointed about your day. Planning too much only sets you up to fail. Reality has its way of taking over regardless. Live and enjoy.