What are your 'ideal' school?

September 21, 2009 10:58pm CST
To me, I hope that my school is always clean. The toilets, canteens and classroom should always in 'pure' state(clean), so that the students can study effortless and comfortable. Can you share some information with me about your 'ideal' school? Thanks,^.^
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@haem212 (29)
• Indonesia
23 Sep 09
for me the main requirement is school must be located in quite and peace area, so i can learn well. And my ideal school must have a lot of trees, because lot of trees can make me relaxed.
• China
22 Sep 09
Ideal school should satisfy any wish of every student.Firstly,there is good teachers for each class.that is most important.Students have room to study quietly and other room to contact.There should be enough places for all studens to do exercises.You can do any exercise the school any where.You can know any students just as you like and contact with anyone in school enven the headmaster.
• China
22 Sep 09
At school, our students have spent their lives at the beginning of the most wonderful time. Here, they get to know fellow, called on teachers, more important, they close the knowledge, and their friends, teachers together, traveling in the ocean of knowledge and sigh, wonderful world of knowledge, a taste of the great human creation. A good school will not only be the student's paradise, and our intimate knowledge of teachers led the students while also enjoying the educational well-being. Because of religion, so they are constantly learning, because doing educational work, so they are constantly growing, and their growth is accompanied by the growth of the students simultaneously. They have to own the most perfect soul, to create the most perfect soul. One scientist said: a clever mind turn up, there will be many stars around him as the smart minds. Description "The power of examples is endless." As a principal, of course, should also learn to prepare themselves examples of teachers and students, and to be good at teachers and students in the discovery and set an example to form an example for everyone, everyone a good example of the campus learning environment.