How much have you earned from mylot? How is the rate here computed?

September 22, 2009 6:46am CST
Friends from mylot, With your years of membership in this site, I just would like to know if you earned much from this site? I believe you do because you sticked to this site for quite sometime already. Also, I would like to know if what is the computation here. Is it per post? Or Is it based on the number of users replying to your started discussion post?
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22 Sep 09
Like you, I am new to this site (4 days participation to date). I don't understand completely how earnings are calculated but I participate daily (responding to discussions, mainly and I have no referrals). In your earnings discussion, you will see the breakdown for each day that you participate. My daily earnings fluctuate between a few cents to .35 cents/day. Happy MyLotting.