Henson's statements on twitter.

United States
September 22, 2009 9:06am CST
What do you think about what Henson said about Redskin fans? If you hadn't heard.Because the fans booed ,he called the fans dimwits and said what do they know,working 9-5 at McDonalds. I have some issues.First he is a rookie, second , he is inactive, and third he doesn't get it.He is new to town so this idiot doesn't know the how expensive the tickets are.The fan in the stands doesn't work at MC Donalds. The fan who works there watches at home And that the average fan here in D.C knows more about football than he did in highschool.Plus A Redskin fan is the most loyal fan. They came to see the games when they were The Deadskins. Well,Henson if you get to play,you will hear booing.
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