Can You Imagine Being Given 4 Times The Dosage In Chemotheraphy?

September 22, 2009 9:26am CST
Well, I cannot! Yet, another "idiot" medical administrator had done the unthinkable by administering a dosage 4 times (more) the normal chemotherapy dosage to a young mother of five. What is even more preposterous here is that this incident happened in 2006 and till date it is still at inquest hearing stage? How in the world could this happen? What is on the mind of this idiot? This is just sad and really unacceptable at my end here. Ref:
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@UK_Shree (3604)
22 Sep 09
That is very scary to hear about. I dread to think what other mistakes happen in medical institutes that we do not hear about. There should be more harsh punishments for mistakes like this, I do agree. What I wonder is whether or not enough checks are carried out. Before the overdose was given didn't anyone cross-check anything to be sure?
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@donie11 (35)
• Canada
22 Sep 09
some people just get let away with way too one ever gets justice till its much too late
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• Singapore
23 Sep 09
donie11, I would not really want to see things getting to this stage and I feel that the current established mechanism has got to improve and prevent such acts of negligence from happening again. It is really sad in this incident when the erroneous fatal dosage prescribed could actually escape the relevant eyes that were suppose to be watchful over it. Also, that the case had taken such an extensive period to hear and conclude. This is just unbecoming and unthinkable!