The movies makes it difficult for kids to separate real life from fantasy

@tjades (3592)
September 22, 2009 1:24pm CST
I believe people overall tend to live their lives based on what is portrayed in the movies. I remember as a child with all the playing space we had we used to run around playing cowboy games shooting at each other, creating the sound effects with our mouths. Our guns were made from just about anything. Our fingers, pieces of discarded board or wood, a piece of discarded pipe and even water guns. It was all fun as we moved around stealthily looking for our enimies and mimicking the voices of the stars from the cowboy shows we watched on TV. No one I used to play with or from my community for that matter went on to become true gun slingers. Our childhood games remained just that, Childhood games. I doubt it very much that I can say the same for some from my age group from other communities, who used to do the same. I certainly do not take kindly to seeing a child even mimick holding a gun or making the sound of a gun going off. So real has this gunman/gunwoman thing become it is frightening. My nephew is sternly reprimanded if he's caught doing any of those acts and the games he plays on the computer are monitored. The voilent ones are kept at a minimum and they have to be approved by an adult. I truly believe it has become harder for kids to separate the movie life from their real world and as such many children are acting out what is depicted in the movies. So much is earned from the sales of violent natured products such as guns, movies and games. Our kids are constantly fed all these negatives. It is really sad. Do you see things differently in regards to this issue? I think the media, the movie and the music industries are major contributers to the negativity children are fed. Who else would you cite as a major contributing party?
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22 Sep 09
please i am new here and want help
@cynthiann (18619)
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23 Sep 09
What's your problem roseseller? I could not respond as I coul dnot get back online. Let me know the problem and I will help you as best as I can
@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
24 Sep 09
Yes and no. Some children are more mature than we thought they were. They're smarter and able to tell which one is right and not. Still, that's a rare case. Some children will blindly believe whatever they see and hear. These children need guidance from adult or they'll see violence that they saw on television is okay to be apply in real life. It's true media is a contributor but adults need to play theirs role too.
@cynthiann (18619)
• Jamaica
22 Sep 09
I wish that I oculd reply to this at length - but no time. I toally agree with all tha tyou have said. What children see must be supervised and supoervised and supervised. Blessings. haven't seen you online for ages!