Can you describe your best friend in few words? Who is your best friend?

@icesmile (7172)
September 22, 2009 2:27pm CST
Your wife or husband is your best friend? Is your friend your lover too? Or you have a woman friend if you are man or a man if you are a woman? What did your best friend for you to rally help you? What did you make for your best friend when he need you? Do you think that all people must to have a best friend?
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• United States
17 Nov 09
in a few words: my best friend is the truth i find. it keeps me bound. it challenges. perhaps it'll be there after life. i would be lonely without people. company is good. it also teaches things about life you wouldn't know otherwise. but actually as a person, my best friend, is my boyfriend!
@buping (954)
• China
26 Oct 09
hi icesmile, i do have a best friend, but i have many good friends. i do not like to stay with someone all the time, so on one is my best friend, but i have so many good friends to be with. but the most important person to me is my lover, i can share everything with my lover, but can not with friends. so to some extent, my lover is my best friend.
@yugasini (12816)
• Anantapur, India
23 Sep 09
hi icesmile, everybody require one or two best friends,i have two best friends at present,both are from the last 30 years,and one friend from child hood days,while going to school also,have a nice day
@jugsjugs (13045)
22 Sep 09
I have lots of good friends and there is not a best friend anymore as they all have different qualitys.One of them is a drinking partner and she makes me laugh and is great person to go to if you need someone to chat to there are others that you just have a coffee with and a quick chat and iof you ever want anything you know you can go to them and they will always be there to help you no matter what and never judge you for who you are.