Have you ever had a 'Destiny Feeling', and acted on it?

September 22, 2009 3:48pm CST
Hey mylotters, I am curious about this so thought I would ask on mylot, as you do lol. To clarify a little before I start: A Destiny Feeling is something that, I guess, is an idea of such overwhelming conviction that you can't shake it and have to act on it. That is the sort of feeling I coined this term for anyway. For me it is a strangely warm and fizzy idea that consumes your thoughts and won't let you sleep. It is different from obsession though, I have had that one and it isn't quite as all consuming as this one! But yea, a few days ago I was going to sleep, quite early because it has been 'one of those days', and I randomly found myself thinking. I had been half asleep due to mental exhaustion before I was thinking, and when this idea came into my head I woke right up, and I couldn't relax until I got out of bed, put my laptop on and acted on those thoughts. Since I did it a few days ago I haven't been able to see why I had that feeling or what it means, but things are moving along, and it is still around (annoyingly so since it drives me nuts !). But because this is a pretty new thing for me, I was wondering if anyone else had had one of these feelings, and what it meant for you in the end, if anything. Many thanks for the responses and I hope this made some sort of sense lol . Dranz PS: Kitty if you read this, I just found the confused smiley ~ Tuts at self for not seeing it earlier ~ lol!
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@kitty42 (3909)
• United States
23 Sep 09
Hello my friend You know what is sad, I was so busy focussing on what we were talking about I didn't think to tell they had that smiley, LMAOOO Anyway, I don't think I ever had this feeling, have to think about this one my friend, sounds like a good thing to me my friend, just ride it our and see what happens, let us know how things turn out, wish I knew what this feeling was I like when people share things like this, my mom always had different feelings about things so much so she use to work my nerves, sometimes I didn't want to hear about it especially when she had bad feelings (still trying to think if this has happened to me) things like this fascinate me our feelings are amazing and we should always follow them they would never steer us wrong, I can't wait to read more about this from you as well as others I am sure I will learn something great. I have no connection right now so I am pretty much sitting her in limbo until I can post this comment lol so about the smiley I thought you were looking for the waving not confused, by the time I can post this you will be gone for the night, my head hurts so I will call it a early night, I went to bed late and got up really early so I need some sleep, Thank you my friend.
23 Sep 09
Hi Kitty, I have been thinking more about the feeling and I think it is one of those that is a combination of other ideas, including no doubt obsession (my worst enemy!). It is a feeling that is very akin, I think, to manic excitement (though I am hoping it isn't a form of mania, that is the last thing I need lol). But yea it was/is like excitement, combined with obsession, combined with ideas, and no doubt a smidgen of timing and stress to make sure the mind is primed. It is like I am thinking of so much at the moment that my mind is a fertile place for silly ideas! It isn't working out too bad though, I sort of imagined everything would take a while to happen but it hasn't. Still not sure how it will work out though, I just hope I won't regret it. That is the bad thing about compulsions/obsessions, you are often led into dangerous territory by them Oh well, if you ever think of something like this I definitely want to hear it, or what you think it might actually be. I have never had it before so I am still working it out, but I hope I never have it again. It may be a happy feeling, but it has an edge to it that makes me wary! All the best, Dranz PS: This is the sort of thing I really like too, we have something else in common lol
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
22 Sep 09
I can't say I've ever had someting like this where I felt compelled to act on it. I did have a very strong feeling one morning (when I was pregnant) that is was twins, and it was. But there was no compulsion to do anything.
23 Sep 09
Hi Dawn, Wow I have heard that some parents can guess things like that about their children but never met anyone who has though, that must have been an amazing feeling. What was it like? Did you guess from the weight, or was it a very intuitive idea? Many thanks for the response Dranz