Is is useful to use anti-theft software in cellphone

@1anurag1 (3580)
September 23, 2009 7:03am CST
I have one software which you can install in your cellphone and if sim is changed it will raise alarm. It is good to have this installed. have you used this ever.
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• China
29 Sep 09
Yes, this is a good thing, I have not used the software. I think I should try to look at the use of the software. This is good for us. Thank you very much to tell us.
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
23 Sep 09
I think it's more useful to have security software in smart phone than regular phones. Smart phones tend to hold more informations than typical cell phones do. If phone is stolen, it's pretty much usless trying to track it down. Anybody can just call up the service provider & report the phone stolen & disable it. Also, almost all phones can be tracked down via service provider.
@prajnith (942)
• India
23 Sep 09
ya i have used a similar software.. but i password protect my sim and cell so if my cell gets lost neither my contacts in sim nor my data in cell is viewable.. am mainly concerned about my contacts and confidential data from getting in wrong hands..
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
23 Sep 09
yaa..that type of software raised rge security of cellphone..and i am also prefer to those software who...are provide benifit to cellphone..