Am I the only one annoyed by people?

@leahsmom (338)
United States
September 23, 2009 7:18am CST
People are not caring any more.People just don't care about eachother anymore.Most people aren't willing to give that helping hand.Has anyone given up there seat for a pregnant lady or older person lately,Does anyone hold the door any more?
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@med889 (5958)
23 Sep 09
I believe you are surely not the first one and last one to feel like this as I do feel it too, and when an old person gets in the bus you find all the men seated as if they did not know anything, and sometimes a woman or a young boy would give their seat, same as the door, you no more find men opening the door for you or giving you the first place anymore. Simply they do not have time to even bother what the other one is thinking about them too.
• India
23 Sep 09
By and large you may be right, but occasionally I have come across cases where these old world values are still visible. A bus conductor helping an old woman get on by stopping the bus for that extra few seconds, a school boy help an old man cross the street are examples that I still see around me, though the number of such cases have diminished greatly. It still gives me hope that some of us at least have been able to instill the right values into our children.God bless us all and give the the will and ability to follow the right path.
@jugsjugs (13044)
23 Sep 09
I have noticed that there are alot of people that only care about themselves and never care about other people or other peoples feelings.People like this i now tend to ignore or avoid as i do not think that i would like people to think that i am the same as that person.I always give up my seat for who ever and no one holds a door open or move out of your way on the path.
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@tdemex (3545)
• United States
23 Sep 09
I still do! But I'm an old guy, my mom instilled these values in me when I was young! Unfortunately now a days it's me, me, me. This is ruining the world around us. The worst part is the moms of the future won't instill these values in their offspring because they are unaware of the old values! tdemex
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@prinzcy (5049)
• Malaysia
23 Sep 09
Believe me, it's not you alone. It's annoying that most people these days care less about others and just go on with their life. They can turn blind eyes if they see something that require help. Whatever happen there is none of their concern. But we shouldn't really blame these people. There are a type of people that take advantage of others kindness. Perhaps that's why we find it's hard to know whether those are scam or someone really need help.