Have you ever met people who can't help but show off their cell phone?

@amijor (234)
September 23, 2009 11:24am CST
I certainly meet them every now and then! I just hate it when people start yapping about snatchers taking away other people's cell phone. They aren't thinking that their phone won't be snatched if in the first place they don't show it off. I also had this experiences with people who keep sticking their ears to their phone acting as if someone is calling or on the line just to let people around him or her see her phone. There are also persons who don't discreetly answer a call or texts. They either raise the volume of their voice or raise their phone high up to their face so that people will notice. Some show their phone off by waving their hand holding the phone (as in exaggerate hand gestures)again to make people notice. Pffff! The nerve. Well, it consoles me when they look utterly disappointed when other people especially those who notice their antics take their more impressive phone out to let the braggart see it..Nya nya nya nya nya!=P So what was your experience with phone braggarts?
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• Philippines
23 Sep 09
Yes, I met a lot of them are showy people who like to get notice as if telling you face to face that they have the latest mobile model and is purchase by them in a high price. I could say they are very boastful and those stories you say i also observe all of this. This kind of attitudes is really a way to make them proud of their self and by displaying this item they think very proud of it.