Entourage Season 6

United States
September 23, 2009 4:08pm CST
I must admit so far in the season and with only two episodes left I have been really impressed with this season of Entourage. Last season was depressing as we see our favorite star Vincent Chase run down and out of work. The season was bound to happen, because there was really nothing you could do. Now that Vinny has work again and is a star the season is enjoyable and fun as they finally focused more on the lives of Vinny's entourage instead of just Vinny. Lloyd finally became a man and broke away from Ari. Eric actually breaks up with a girl and becomes a man. Drama is actually wanted on a tv show and Turtle barely smokes in this season. The guys really have grown up in this season and it shows. However, while the drama is lessening a bit it is hard for me to understand what the next course of action will be if there happens to be a seventh season. It is a good show and hopefully its continues on the course it has been on. It is just ashame the Hollywood Writers went on strike or otherwise we may already be on Season 7 or 8. The drama isn't as good as season 2, but this season is probably my second favorite season. I would like to know what is your favorite season and what do you think about this season?
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6 Jul 11
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8 Sep 11
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