favorite toothpaste?

United States
September 23, 2009 5:52pm CST
hey everyone. i recently posted a discussion on my blog about two different toothpastes that i enjoy/recommend: colgate total, and crest pro-health. there is a lot of science & research that went into each of those products, and i find the brands are well known. do any of you out there have a favorite toothpaste? i remember as a kid you could get many different flavors other than mint, including cinnamon and orange and bubble-gum. perhaps you enjoy others? i say as long as they contain fluoride as an active ingredient, you're probably using a decent tooth-care product. still, everyone has their preferences for brands/flavors! share yours!
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@BART78 (2932)
• Canada
7 Nov 09
there are only three of toothpaste i trust, COLGATE, CREST AND CLOSE-UP, i like toothpaste in gel form and with more floride content, but besides toothpaste i also use dental floss and mouthwash for my dental hygiene..
@babyorchid (1739)
• China
11 Oct 09
well, i used to use Colgate and crest .but found nothing speciall and didnt feel any better..so i turn to Amway, to be honestly,Amway's products are really expensive here...they said this toothpaste is multi-functions, while after using this for one month, poor me...didnt see anything better...