Knocked-Out Tooth

United States
September 23, 2009 6:48pm CST
Have you or one of your kids ever had a tooth knocked totally out of the mouth? It happens! Tripping and falling and hitting your mouth, or getting whacked in the face during a sports game. All of a sudden, a tooth is on the ground completely intact! What do you do? As a dentist, I discuss this emergency situation on my blog. In summary, if you're a parent and you witness your child getting a tooth knocked out (or any child!), immediately pick the tooth up by the crown (do NOT touch the root with your fingers), make sure there's no obvious debris on the root (dirt/sand), and replant it back into the tooth socket of the child. Then, call your dentist for an emergency appointment. Have you suffered a dental injury such as this? How did you handle it?
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• Philippines
5 Mar 11
When a tooth has been knocked out, the nerves, blood vessels and supporting tissues are damaged, too. The nerves and blood vessels can't be repaired. That is why all avulsed teeth will need a root canal. however, the bone can reattach to the root of the tooth once it's pt back into place. This is really nice to know about. Thank you for the wonderful information. =)