Are there any software you got by paying?

September 23, 2009 9:17pm CST
Maybe some one think the title looks a little stupid. just wonder, what kinds of software you have already paid for it, especially the size is small, maybe not big than 30MB. because, there are some many free software on the interenet, and Mr Google can tell you how to do something in many other ways. Of course,some mandatory paid software should not be counted in, such as windows XP/Ms office. your share will be appreciated.
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@carrizo (86)
• Indonesia
29 Sep 09
I buy microsoft office for my office. For the others i choose to get freeware for my windows. Freeware not always mean bad..
• China
30 Sep 09
Yes. I completely agree with you. such as the software ultraedit and Notepad++. the later one can replace the previous charged software. For microsoft office, I have to say, there is a substitute Openoffice too, but it cannot substitute the monopoly role in office area
@kurtaxl (110)
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
I buy a license for Kaspersky before but since it is memory hog after a year I changed it for Eset Smart Security.
• China
24 Sep 09
yes, I have used kaspersky too. it almost exausted all my memory, and slow down my PC. So, I give up. There are a lot of choice. thanks for your sharing
• Canada
4 Nov 09
I tend to use freeware software. Some of them are very useful, such as ISO BURNER! :D
@sanjuks_j (193)
• India
12 Oct 09
hey don't worry i am not thinking that the title is little stupid. anyways once i plan to purchase some software for normal accounting. but fortunately i got a formula in Excel OMG! that solved my problem and also from loosing money. and then i plan to buy a license key for my antivirus. but what is this ?? Avast was ready to provide me license key for one year absolutely for So still i need to purchase any software?
@May2k8 (7123)
• Indonesia
12 Oct 09
I never paid for the software, I will try trial first and would prefer software that runs perfectly without any problems. Lots of free software, but probably a lot of common bugs.
@kumarpslv (3218)
• India
11 Oct 09
Irrespective of the size,Kasperskey is the only software that I bought so far.I used to install only the free software or trial versions available for all of my systems. But when we bough one new laptop, the dealer themselves installed the OS and the anti virus software without our concern and charged for the above software also.Else,I will be using the trial versions only for that laptop also. To use the trial versions, I used to format the systems very often.Soon the license of the anti virus software will expire.Then I will install only the trial versions.