how do we stop global warming?

September 23, 2009 11:18pm CST
if we use renewable energy in our daily consumption such solar ;wind thermal energy and the like will really help in saving the environment.Good news though,the hole in ozone layer is sinking in size but our effort is not enough and we should encourage the people to protect the environment after all we are just living in the same world, same planet and if this planet will be devastated;we too will be gone
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24 Sep 09
hi, as a certain individual we must contribute on this cerius problem it is a matter to do what ca we do to save our wonderful world,, can we segregate our garbage accordingly ,, save energy,,plan trees encourage othere certain individuals to help to fight global warming,, in cegregating our garbage we have 3 clasification recycable, biodegradable, and residuals,, hope all oif us be involve