Is it wrong to fall in love to your teacher?

September 24, 2009 1:01am CST
I think it's not wrong to fall in love to your teacher. Basically, love is not wrong. Maybe the only thing that's not right is you fall in love to a wrong person.
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@leeapollo (611)
• China
18 Oct 09
It is hard to say. to be or not to be is a question. I think in nowadays ,it can be accepted. every one have his or her right to find their true love, don't you think so? happy mylotting.
3 Nov 10
yeh thats true but from now .. i am already inlove with my teachers ' were happy also he is so fun .. cute , and smart . i love him so much deeper than my self and i feel he love's ,e too ..
@zhouxi (1756)
• China
15 Oct 09
i don't think it's a wrong thing that you fall in love with your teacher if she/he is's ordinary thing if you properly deal with it.
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
13 Oct 09
I think it is not bad thing..if you are fall in love with your teacher.. but if your teacher don';t like you..and warned you about this..and you..don't stop doing this..then it is bad.. i think.. love is a sacred which..their is no place for dirty feelings and flirting....
• Singapore
24 Sep 09
Sometimes we have mistaken our admiration to our teacher as love. It happened to me before. He is so smart and still young that I so admire him whenever he stand in front of the class. To add to that, he is also the head od our CAT class and I happended to be the an officer so we saw each other quite often. The feelings grow day by day and I already thought I fall in love with him. We are quite close so it is very hard to hide your feelings but I tried my best not to be obvious. Good thing it happened to me on my senior year that the next year, we were not able to see each other again.
• China
24 Sep 09
For our present age stage, love is quite normal, but for teachers and students love the words, nor does it often can not, the so-called teachers and for some people, only a surface for saying this. First, female students have been younger than the teachers, but there are also teachers and students of similar age, However, teachers and students of similar age, very few successful examples, age, a large gap on the very high success rate. This is primarily because women Electra kind of psychological cause trouble that the big men in their twenties and even teens does not matter. Since ancient times, Chinese men to marry Stepford Wives is a good thing, can greatly satisfy a man psychology; second, it is difficult to imagine, if not like-minded, such a big age gap between teachers and students also entered the marriage hall. Thirdly together with the teachers to explore topics of interest, the teachers will appreciate the immediate. If the female students up from the details of life care teacher, the teacher will think that this is a "yin inner helper" a good choice. More contact between teachers and students, and the furnace one that the students take the initiative to express their affection for the teacher is often happy to accept. Fourth, as soon as husband and wife, celebrity still has a long-term psychological advantage, wife both students and the wife must Fuchangfusui; because it is a common topic of love Cut enter the state, it is also known to have been; or career assistant, as the Secretary of the same Only the students can be a very patient wife to do this. In short, the key is correct to see how their own view! !
• China
24 Sep 09
i know some students fall love with her teacher,and then married at university many teacher is as young as student,and they are handsome,mature, they have the same topic as their student.
@feodda (579)
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
It is not wrong to fall in love, especially to a teacher. Age doesn't matter, how much more in loving a teacher. But going beyond in falling in love, there might be a consequences you may encounter. There are some schools discourages a teacher and student relationship. There are times we admire our teacher the way they teach. We look at them very smart and intelligent. This make as fall in love with them.