for the people who shy with girls

September 24, 2009 7:39am CST
actuly this is for the shy people in front of girls but at this time in the world who shy with girls can't live upto expectation of girls so guys don't be shy just try enjoy wid girls and girls r also don't like the guys who can't show them his matureness
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• Philippines
11 Oct 09
hi.. there was a guy who had a crush on me in highschool.. he was very shy, turned red whenever we were in the same room.. not just blushed! I mean really red! you could tell from across the room kind of red! I thought it was cute but he never had the guts to talk to me :)
• Australia
16 Oct 09
Did you ever speak to him?
• Philippines
31 Jul 11
I'm a shy guy, silent and have less self esteem. I socialize less and prefer to be alone. Often, I'm getting an impression that I am a snob. In fact, I am a kind hearted and peaceful person. I would advise shy guys to communicate more often to the girl she liked, to know her better. It would be better if the guy can make her laugh so they will gain trust with each other.
• Philippines
19 Nov 09
im shy guy and also have trouble facing cute girls. sometimes i tend to just walk away in fear of getting embarassed. but when im with my friends im not really that shy. im only shy when in front of a lot of people and with girls. especially this one girl that i like.
• India
24 Sep 09
In fact, shy guys(pardon my English) have a lot of talent. But they are not so confidant to exhibit it, especially with girls. They will, after they feel a little bit comfortable. But it takes a little bit of time which, neither the girl nor the shy guy does have.
• Canada
24 Sep 09
Speaking as a girl, there's nothing wrong with shy guys. Being shy isn't the problem. But, we do need to see who you are, what your sense of humour is like, what sort of personality you have. Just take the time to get to know the girls and feel more comfortable with them, which will help you open up. You don't have to ask the girl for a date the first time you meet her, you can get to know her first.