Does seeing ghosts run in families?

September 24, 2009 8:19am CST
Not sure if anyone would know, but I've seen ghosts (apparitions), been touched (that was only once when something sat on the end of my bed and then put their hand on my ankle-ish - wasn't threatening, just spooky because there was no one there), heard them (banging things around, like dishes, cupboards, doors, etc, talking, walking up stairs over and over, walking in the hall upstairs), and sensed them (or so it seems - you almost feel as if there's someone staring you down intensely, either behind you or right in your face, and you can almost picture them - it's an odd feeling that just comes out of nowhere sometimes, and it really is intense). Now, most of this occurred at my moms house while I lived there, and my mom is now hearing some stuff now that she's living there alone. She's the sort of person to not pay attention to these sorts of things. For example, she told me recently that she keeps hearing someone walk down the hall upstairs and then she'll hear my old bed creek as if someone had just gotten in to bed, and then tell me it's probably the mice. I told her I didn't want to see whatever kind of mouse was big enough to sound like a person stomping around. Some of the stuff, however, is still happening to me now in the new place. Not all the time, but once in a while. So, my question is, does anyone know if this is hereditary? Or what's the deal here? I have a little one on the way, and I'm hoping they're not going to have to deal with this too as they grow up. You never quite get used to it...
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@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
13 Oct 09
I have not seen any ghosts before (hopefully not forever) but I've heard some strange sounds like in the restroom and stuff like that. Perhaps I've seen some strange things which I think would be the 'ghost-like' form, but perhaps I was wrong. That was while riding. I saw something, but I didn't think it was the ghost though. There was also some other moments on the road, but I didn't think anything. Those dreams that I have; ghostlike moments, can be super scary and broke me into a sweat. It's like I'm facing the ghosts face to face, but I tell myself to only fear God and not ghosts.