Is there still alot of racism in america ?

@leahsmom (338)
United States
September 24, 2009 12:14pm CST
Did you know that in the year 2009 they still have segregation in mississippi.30% of the population said they weren't ready for a black president.
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24 Sep 09
Yes there is still a lot of racism here. The trouble is no one will let anything go. Racism is passed down from generation to generation, and now what makes it worse is people are using the internet for their hateful comments against others. I've been on youtube and was shocked to see how many raciest comments that people make on there. Thank God it's not allowed on here.
@Cherryd41 (1121)
• United States
25 Sep 09
Hi Sweetashoney I like your user name And thanks for the comment on my discussion response I could have written a lot more but didn't want to go overboard it is a topic that is so controversial as I said in my earlier response that sometimes people can take the wrong attitude towards what a person is trying to say about this subject. However I feel the same way my dad did he use to say "Tell it like it is or don't say nothin at all " So thats what I did I told it like I saw it and so did you and everyone else who comments on this topic and to me that the only way to say it. No sugar coating!
@jellymonty (2358)
26 Sep 09
Seriously if people are still hating each other because of one's color of skin they certainly have way too much time on their hands! Its a crime shame to still have racism existing today...
@dlr297 (5418)
• United States
24 Sep 09
I think that their is still a lot of racism here in the US. But it is coming from all sides. Not just one. To tell the truth i did not believe that i would ever see a black man President in my life time. But he won the election so that should say something.....about how far this country has come. Their has been a lot of protesting going on all over the country the last few months. and i believe that it is because of the issues and not anything to do with the color of the Presidents Skin. I grew up in a community that was very mixed with all races, so at a young age i learned to be friends with everybody, all colors...and i learned to look at the person and not the color.