Do you believe in abortion?

@leahsmom (338)
United States
September 24, 2009 12:38pm CST
Today I read that a young couple killed they newborn because they were afraid to tell there parents.they knew there parents didn't believe in abortion.they were not ready to become parents.
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@patofgold23 (5075)
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
hi there leahs... guess what..I had my son at a very early age.. i got pregnant when i was 16 and I had him when i was 17..... I was soooo young that time, and I was scared and confused and didn't know what to do.. I must admit it crossed my mind for a while there....... but nothing could make me even come close to it... I knew I would never be able to live with the guilt if i would do it....... and I am glad I stood by my decisions... i was a young mother at 17 .. i had no clue how to raise my son and take care of him in the first place.. but i guess so one had to teach me... my maternal instinct just kicked in... and i am so proud of how I raised my son...... He is the best thing that ever came to mylife.........
@Archie0 (4669)
24 Sep 09
When it comes to abortion I believe the woman has the right to decide what she wants to do but I believe it should be done early. I think no matter what the circumstance is you should do it as soon as possible.It is wrong to me to abort once you can feel that child moving inside of you.But that is just my opinion.
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
hi arch! I understand your point of view.. and i would not even debate with anybody on that coz I always believe we should be respecting each other's personal view... I guess how I look at it is a result of how I was raised by my mom and our culture too...
@maximax8 (28249)
• United Kingdom
25 Sep 09
That is so sad and the young couple could have had their baby adopted. I am pro-life and wouldn't ever have an abortion. I think a baby is precious and should be loved by his or her parents. I know that life begins at conception and each stage of pregnancy is special.
• Germany
24 Sep 09
Hi, leahsomom. I was getting pregnant unplanned, and luckily my husband still wanted to be with me and married me.Abortion is a NO for me. In my belief, it's not a right thing to make abortion, because the baby is innocent and it's a life. I am happy to have my son now. He is a real angel for us. He makes us laugh every day.