Programs that will run on your computer and make you money

United States
September 24, 2009 12:42pm CST
I am looking for programs that will install and run on your computer "even when you are not using the internet" that will make you money. I am not looking for something that is going to make me rich in a week or anything like that. Heck a few cents a day per computer running the program and I will be happy. I have been running a program on my computer for months now a have been paid about $18 via PayPal and have not did anything besides install it and let it run. I can not list the name of the program here or my post might be taken off, so message me if you want the link to the program. Like I said I am not looking to get rich, but I would like to find a few more programs to run at the same time.Please either post here or message me with links or message me if you are interested in the program that I am already running on my computer. Thanks, Bryan