Are you worried about the flu pandemic?

@caraj444 (1080)
November 14, 2006 1:09am CST
supposedly we are going to have a flu pandemic, i keep hearing about all the problems this will cause (up to 50% of work force either at home sick or at home taking care of a sick loved one, a lot of public venues will be shut down like movie theatres, the amount of food we will have in grocery stores will be a quarter of what we have nowso ) the government has issued statements saying it will hit but they dont know when it could be tommorrow or it could be two years. how worried do you think we should be able this right now. (there will not be a vaccine until at least a few months after it hits, so all we can really do know is make sure we are vigilant about washing our hands and take care of ouselve health wise so our immune systems our strong for when it does hit (if you dont know or dont have an opinion, dont just post i dont know, wait until someones responds who can give me and you some information and then respond with your thoughts on it)
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@sbeauty (5870)
• United States
14 Nov 06
I think the pandemic scare is just another little item which the media has blown up into a major disaster. I'm sure scientists have been looking into the possibility as they look into everything else, but the media is so intent on providing shock for listeners/readers to increase ratings that I really don't believe much they say any more. Scientists predict that a tsunami is going to wipe out the west coast of the US in the future, but I don't see anyone going into a panic over that.
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@caraj444 (1080)
• Canada
14 Nov 06
i do agreee that the media overinflates things just to sell copies, but in this case what they are worried about is that because of all the animals with new flus that iit can and will cross over to humans and its a flu that is a lot different than others were familiar with, thanks for the response +