do you believe in deserving second chances?

United States
September 24, 2009 2:12pm CST
The porpuse of life is to live life, make mistakes, and then learn from your mistakes. every human being makes mistakes, some mistakes we regret, and some we look at it as i learned from it, i wont do it again, but it made me smile. I have made many mistakes, where i wish i was able to turn back time and stop myslef doing for what i did. I made this big mistakes, big enough to almost destroy my life, now i hit rock botton, but i got a second chance, but even though i got a second chance, nothing feel the same any more, to me it feel like, there is always someone judging me, or when someone makes a comment i start to think is about me. my friends still trust me but people closer too me, they say they do, but is like they are just saying that to make e feel better. Now i know trust is a prickle thing, a lifetime to build, and a second to lose it all. But if you are trying to mend the errors you cause, and they give you a second chance, is being years, but they still seem to treat you like it just happen yesterday. Then i just want to know why they decided to give you that chance? when it happened, i knew the second later what i done and i was ready to loose everything, i have in my life, i wasnt expecting second chances or anything, i didnt ask for a second chance, so if it was given at their own free will, because they say they care about me, why do they still treat me like it just happen and i am the worst human alive?
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• Philippines
1 Nov 09
there should be second chances,but not all people deserve it.some people seemed to have not learned their lesson and will do their mistakes again and is becoming annoying already.second chances should be given to people who truly deserve them.people who are sincerely sorry and would work to make it better next time truly deserve second chances.
@Melbee11 (233)
• United States
9 Oct 09
Well I think we deserve it when we use our time right. Than if we don't use it for a good use. Well I think some people that want to retry to live life and make an effort to doing it than they deserve to do it. Well it's up to god to use his power and stuff.
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
Everyone deserves a second chance, it only depends on the person you are giving the chance if he will use it wisely or waste it. Even a person who killed someone deserves a second chance, but of course before someone gives other person a second chance he needs to weigh everything first, because although i sadi that everybody deserves a second chance, you still need to weigh if that second chance still has the same privilidges that he has before. For example, a murderer, he already stayed in jail for 10 yrs and he was paroled, government will give him a second chance to live on the outside world but he will be in probationary first and needs to check in once in a while to the police about what he is doing an if he is using this chance productively. So I think that it all boils down to the person who was given a second chance.