Do you consider Mylot as your second job? Is here a smart work?

September 24, 2009 5:58pm CST
Many peoples have 2 or why not 3 jobs, where they try to earn money, even is very hard. In this time all are so expensive, in special bills make us go crazy, but you really consider Mylot as a job or is a hobby? Or maybe is a way to make some money, in free time, and want use internet in smart way? To work smart mean to make in short time, much money, no spent time for nothing. For smart work people need experience to know how they can earn money not to much effort in a time when he can sleep or listen music. Is this site a place where can work smart?
3 responses
@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
6 Oct 09
Well, I really do not consider posting here as work. I post here simply to enjoy and to earn some when I do not have anything to do. The great thing is that I am really enjoying it here simply because there are many things that we can learn. So I am just doing it for fun and to earn on the sideline. Not basically something that I consider work.
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
27 Sep 09
Yes i consider mylot as a second job.. you can work replying discussions..and earning it's consider as a second job for me.. and i am enjoying mylot..
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 09
I used to consider my activity of posting in myLot as a job, but since few months ago, I started to forget about that idea. I don't think this is a job. The only reason why I am still posting here, is because I found something fun doing this. Though yeah, of course, I want the money, but I don't think it would worth my time I spend here. MyLot used to pay me better, and now I just wasting my time here, maybe practicing my English a bit and meet friends and have little chit chat. And maybe if I am lucky enough I would be able to reach the minimum payment in the end of next month. Who knows? But I can give you some sugestion, marianna45. You're right about the smart work, and if you want to work smart in this place, you'd better find lots of referrals, the really active and real ones under you. Don't let spammers become your referral because what your referral's do would affect you too.