Whom whould you punish first....and why? If you have the responsbility to judge!

Traitor or RAPIST or Criminal or Perpetrator - Punish them immediately,or its my turn to be get killed or raped by the person if they are still allowed in the society.
September 24, 2009 10:32pm CST
In reality and every day news in the paper or the media we find out SITUATION 1. there is some rape case had taken place in the hostels or on the neighborhood or some thing is done to outrage the modesty of a women,and likes that....(also we have to keep it in mind that in the same news paper you see other women celebrities or some beauty pageant or even the high-profile women sports personality is baring it all..... for the shake of money or in name of profession etc or to be in the limelight.) SITUATION 2.Some one have looted a hugh money out of the bank or from some business-man or in some cases the politician have amassed hugh amount from unknown source or one cannot amass such amount in one's life time in right manner but in possession after being in the service or as a public-servant,some big business-man usually cheats upon the smaller unemployed youth who have just started,or the politician siphoning out the wealth out of the country to the Swiss-bank etc......(here we have to keep in mind that every amount of money is in reality directly related to the development of the country and very much and to the coming generation as well to the present population). Why the Constitution is not made to punish the person concerned instead providing all the goodies to the perpetrator/criminal/traitor/rapist.....
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@tvb2009 (237)
• Singapore
25 Sep 09
Given a choice to judge, i would punish the rapist first. We should be more concern about what's affecting our fellow compatriots lives directly. When rape happens, the victim will suffer emotional breakdown too. So, we should be very efficient and handle such rapist first. Of course, handling with criminals that cheat huge amount of monies should be let off as well.
@tvb2009 (237)
• Singapore
27 Sep 09
It's okay. It doesn't matter. This is very good topic set.
• India
14 Oct 09
Dear tvb2009,sorry due to the fact that my response was different from you,now I want to bring the today News article for the whole world to pass a judgment on the politician, the bureaucrats, the BABUs, the high profile business, the illegal immigrants. BRIBES WERE GIVEN TO THE INDIANS BY THE AMERICAN COMPANY----A LETTER WRITTEN BY THE HIGH-COMMISSIONER OF INDIA FROM AMERICA TO THE INDIAN PRIME-MINISTER IN THE MONTH OF MAY,2009. In India 90% of the people does not belong to the soil of its country 1.most of them have changed their religion by means of marriage,whereby for these people nothing is important except the opposite partner.... 2.for centuries there is illegal immigrants in the form of Muslims,Pakistanis,Bangladeshis,English and even French...hence in such circumstance no true original people of the soil can remain pure for long....in any way or the other way they fall into the trap of these illegal immigrants. Now automatically these very Indian people could not connect themselves to the soil either by their religion or by birth or by culture......so these people are only by default connected to Money or S.x,or destruction of the country,in every aspect,in every spheres of life......actually the downtrodden are being raped by the goodies of these politician and bureaucrat